The Forgotten but a proud people

My name is Daniel and I am a Mutsun from the California Indian tribes and I have a story to tell you A story that the Catholic church does not want told; As it contradicts the lies that they have been telling from 1500s to now and no they were not the last they were just the first of many who for some reason decided they wanted to wipe us from the world of man. So much of our history has been lost, what little is there is in their words and not our own. They say that time heals all wounds well that’s a lie.The Catholic Church has done little or nothing to help heal the wounds that they inflicted upon us and all of the other tribes of California. We were and are the caretakers of the land and so when we first met we did not see the darkness and the greed within their hearts.To them we were a whole race of people that they could convert to their religion and save our souls even if it killed us [and it did]. We helped them to survive in this new land they thought they discovered and our youth were in intrigued with their weapons. So that is where they started to divide us then came the women and children. We had no concept of their religion. Or how it was going to change our lives. They Knew by converting us they would have more control over us The whippings, the beatings and raping of our women and children, was all part of the converting us to their religion. It is the same tactics they’ve been using throughout time in the name of Christianity. In reading the accounts of people back then who witnessed the inhumane treatment of my people I know now how the Jews felt in the death camps


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