200 women and children hacked to death in the name of the Catholic Church

In doing the research for this blog I found many references to the death camps like the Nazi throughout Germany had were much like the missions day-to-day life was for my people some may think that this is an attack a direct attack on the Catholic Church and the siting pope and you would be right we have tried by writing him letters personally by going to the bishops and pleading are case to the media and anybody else that would listen and yet nothing is happened we are still waiting for them or the pope to give us back our land and to help and getting the recognition that we so rightly deserve by the church and by the federal government it is a day-to-day struggle for my people just practice our believes we have to bag for the right to visit our land and to practice our ceremonies most people have no idea what it feels like to lose something so precious that you feel incomplete without it that’s what it’s like us as a race where the caretakers of this land not to be able to do just that and that is just one of the many things that the Catholic Church has done to us and others like this in the name of their god and their religion do not tell me that the pope cannot just waive his hand and sign some kind of document and give us back our land or lease part of it is hard to believe that the Catholic Church values the land that the mission sits on more than the well-being of a race of people it is my hope that somewhere in all the things that I write that the Catholic Church and the pope rectify this injustice of my people people. Talk about the Trail of tears and the mass hangings of Abraham Lincoln but little is known about all the atrocities that were inflicted upon my people and the Indian people of California like a 200 women and children who are half to death by Spanish soldiers after being kidnapped from their village in the valley and were being taken to one of the missions for slave labor the reason why they were hacked to death and the body parts spread throughout the Mountain Pass was because of there honor they would not step foot onto a neighboring tribes land it is said that the Spanish soldiers did this and a lot more because they were afraid of getting excommunicated from the church and so then they would do anything that Priess would ask of them. We as a people had no concept of what it meant to be Catholic and really when it came down to it we were just cheap labor and expendable. The Catholic Church new what it was doing by allowing the kidnapping torturing the beatings whippings the separation of families just in order for us to be converted to the Catholic religion every time I’ve been to San Juan Batista and visit the mission there I get so mad so angry when I think about all of my people that died in the building of this mission once they came into the mission they could never leave not even in death they were just piled into big holes And buried. And then dug up when he needed more room for more bodies. This is what I see when I go to the mission. Can you imagine what it felt like to know longer be with your family. To have to be on your knees for 4 hours a day in prayer. That you have no idea what the hell it all meant. not be able to speak your own language to practice your believes or eat the food that you grew up on. the Catholic Church took everything from us,everything. And Day in day out until we died. This is what they had to go through and still the Catholic Church does not want to say I’m sorry or  what they can do to help heal the wounds of yesterday.


3 thoughts on “200 women and children hacked to death in the name of the Catholic Church

  1. Hi you have pasted this whole post into a comment on my blog and it’s so long that I doubt people will read it in the comment section. Would you mind if I modify it and post a link back to here? That way your blog might get more traffic and people could read the whole story. Sorry for your losses! Adding links back to other articles or references for your research help to authenticate it?


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