Most Indians say it was the white man that did it to him but for us it was the Catholic Church

To be thought of as a commodity and not a race of people confounds me to know end by the Catholic Church the more I read about what life was about back then for my people my heart aches. Father Sierra was so much like Hitler in what he did to the Jewish community that I am amazed by how he treated and interacted with my people during his lifetime. They say in the end he did try to help us but by then it was too late the damage was done. Most people only know Indians that they know in the movies riding bareback on a horse with feathers streaming in the wind or the chiseled face you see on the back of a nickel by the way there’s a California Indian casino here in California that uses that same picture as their logo. I can not understand why they couldn’t use one of their own peoples likeness but that’s just me. little is known of the California Indians. They were here before the Spanish came and the white man or European as they like to be called.We were a peaceful people not to say that we didn’t have our problems but for the most part we hunted we Fished and we gathered and most importantly we took care of the land that we live on and treated it with the utmost respect. our families meant the world to us And the Catholic priests use that against us in trying to control us and converters us to there religion they called us monkeys, savages, nonhumans, and uncivilized I guess the Catholic religion was much different back then then it is today because I thought all men were equal and to love your neighbor. For being so uncivilized we as a people were a lot more cleaner then they were as we didn’t have all the diseases that they had I read once a long time ago about the 80-year-old nun that had never taken a bath the only clean parts on her body where her fingertips from dipping them in the holy water. and they called us savages they brought so many diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea,or measles and so many others and we had no immunity to them and we suffered for it whole families were wiped out. can you imagine ceased to exist there lineages going no further than that time all in the name of religion damn I get so mad and still the Catholic pope will not rectify what he and his church has done to the forgotten tribes of California and then there was alcohol that was used on the young man and the man of the village in order to control them little did they know that it was going to destroy us many years ahead I personally know in my family what alcohol can do at the age of seven or eight years whenever I went to bed the last thing I saw with the blood splatters on the ceiling from my mother as my alcoholic father put.out cigarettes on her pregnant belly or the scars up and down her legs from being dragged through a field by her hair. I too have done many things that I am not proud of in my life because of alcohol


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