Looking for recognition from the Catholic church and to give back our stolen land.

We as a people have always been a part of our land even today we take scraps of what society will give us or let us visit a piece of land that once was ours. but for all the signs that say keep out or no trespassing and that one time this was our land. This is the land that we protected before you got here and after you are gone. we will still be caretakers of this land. It would be nice if all of the California Indian tribes band together and helped the forgotten tribes find that recognition that they dearly need. they stand with standing Rock but not there own people here in California. this I don’t understand. I am not jealous of the traditional Indian’s that everyone seems to know what I am is hurt and disappointed in all of the other California Indians who are so caught up taking care of own people but they forgot there are many more of us that could use the help. And to all those big names out there like Jesse Jackson trying to ride a horse give me a break or the ones that are wearing T-shirts in protest of the pipeline where the hell are they when we need help as much as they do. you don’t know anything about us the California coastal Indians the proud but the forgotten tribes. We need your help also we have wrote letters to the pope and have all gone unanswered. I too will be writing one but the more people that we have behind us the more he will listen he is so damn good about standing up in the limelight and on TV talking about the gay community the sexual abuse in the church and he can tell governments to do all kinds of things and they do. why can’t he take the time and help with the healing of my people by giving back our land or at least a piece of it and saying how sorry he is for what father Sierra and the rest of the monks did to my people I’m sure he could take a little time out of a busy schedule and read the journals that the monks wrote back then and the eyewitness accounts of all the things that were done to my people in the name of his religion and find it in his heart to do something about this symptomatic calculated genocide of a race of people in the name of Christianity he did have a cardinal send a priest and holding mass of reconciliation and to try to pacify us with some small gifts it almost sounds like we were back in the 1500s and they gave us a blanket and some beads. he cannot say that this is the way that they were told how to assimilate a race of people into their religion because of so this would make them monsters in my eyes and in others. They have a lot of experience in these tactics throughout time as we look back to when they invaded other countries in the name of the there religion they basically did the same thing even today they’ve gotten a little bit slicker but it’s still the same I realize that we as a race are not many at least not anymore but to condemn us and let us fadeaway and not be able to live on that would be a crime against humanity and my people because we deserve our place at the table with all of mankind even though there were a few of us left. We as a people will not disappear into the fog that is why I am writing this blog to bring our plight into the light so that all can see them and for a little time remember us the forgotten and proud people of the California coast tribes


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