I as a Native American I am ashamed today because I realize that we as a people have been telling everyone that would listen about what man the white man has been doing to our mother Earth with all the pollution the garbage the cutting down of the trees the sewage in our rivers and oceans and what do we do as a people in return we do exactly the same thing and that makes it hundred times worse I’m talking about all of the brothers and sisters of all the tribes that were out there on the front lines with standing Rock I watched in disbelief when I seen all of the disgusting garbage that was left in the camp when Indian sister was heard to say it was the white man’s fault no it wasn’t the white man it was us the caretakers of our land we left it that way and we are the ones that should be ashamed remember the next time you go to one of these protest remember what you’re protesting for and remember you are one of those caretakers so the next time you want to leave the place is dirty and nasty and disgusting is that last at standing Rock think before you do something that you’ll regret later just my thought from 1 California, Indian


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