No one knows of the crimes the Catholic Church committed on the 4000 Native Americans that are buried in a mass grave at one of their missions on the California coast

We are not getting the attention that are causing needs because no one knows about the coastal California Indians we don’t ride bareback on horses we don’t have long plumes of feathers blowing in the wind our faces are not on the buffalo head nickel we don’t have that long Roman nose but most of all is just because so many did their best to erases from the mines and hearts of men.There are no streets named after us, No buildings and very little mention in the history books.When people ask what kind Indian I am I ,tell them my tribal name Mutsun and their face gets this dumb lost look on it and I say we are a California tribe and from around San Juan Batista A so call mission Indian and then they going to say they are Cherokee or some other Indian that everybody knows and unfortunately our we don’t have actors on TV trying to impersonators whenever they have talked about California Indians they end up using the likeness of one of those TV Indians that everybody knows and can identify with I feel like if it wasn’t for the casinos here in California most people would not even know that there were and are California Indians this is the whole reason on my blog my Facebook page and my Twitter account is because I has a California coastal Indian what the world to know that we do exist that the land that they walking on is our land. we are the caretakers and always have been. and it has been stolen from us by the church by the Catholic Church and the federal government that will not honor the treaty that was signed not so long ago. we as a people are not looking for a handout we were just asking for what is right and what is ours we have a right to own or land and to practice our way of life this is our home hopefully that is something that you can understand as a non-Indian and as a human being so at any time in my blogs what I have said and on Facebook pisses you off I am not sorry if I hurt your feelings or made you feel guilty no one seems to care about a whole race of people in the state of California and not that damn long ago had their land stolen from them. Broken treaty from the government. the Catholic Church enslave them torture them kidnapped them, beat them, and almost exterminated them. And no one knows. to me that is wrong. where Custer died they made it a national park no one can go there and dig it up disrespected in anyway yet San Juan Batista the mission there are 4 thousands of the forgotten tribes, including my people that are buried in mass graves and probably all over that land because they ran out of places to bury them. Let people go to mass to honor there God.To have picnics and weddings there and no one knows that there were bodies massive bodies thousands that are buried underneath their feet who cry out and no one hears them. most of you have no idea what it’s like or the pain we feel as a race of people that have been forgotten and in so little of time. Where are all the good red brothers and sisters and all of these people that stand against this kind of thing. why are they not protesting, why are they not standing alongside of us, why are they not wearing our T-shirts and saying they stand with us. where are they, I cannot see them I cannot hear their shouts of protest all I hear is silence all I see is nothing can someone tell me why, please tell me why


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