No one knows of the crimes the Catholic Church committed on the 4000 Native Americans that are buried in a mass grave at one of their missions on the California coast


We are not getting the attention that are causing needs because no one knows about the coastal California Indians we don’t ride bareback on horses we don’t have long plumes of feathers blowing in the wind our faces are not on the buffalo head nickel we don’t have that long Roman nose but most of all is just because so many did their best to erases from the mines and hearts of men.There are no streets named after us, No buildings and very little mention in the history books.When people ask what kind Indian I am I ,tell them my tribal name Mutsun and their face gets this dumb lost look on it and I say we are a California tribe and from around San Juan Batista A so call mission Indian and then they going to say they are Cherokee or some other Indian that everybody knows and unfortunately…

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