Why we fight

Some of the tribes fight for water or fishing rights but for us the forgotten tribes we fight for are land are way of life are spiritual well-being but most of all we fight for mankind to recognize that we as a Race of people were here and are still here because without that knowledge  we are not complete and for us this is worse than death. All of the other tribes  have the movies, Faces on a nickel, even when we have a gathering or a powwow most of the attention is on the other tribes with all of the Regalia and bright colored Regalia that they use. it seems like we just get lost as for our Regalia ours is traditional we were not influenced by the Europeans as most of the other tribes., We don’t have war drums we have bird flutes, clappers, and rattles. And all of are songs that we sing or for our familys and friends and the people that we care most about. It may seem like I am jealous or envious of the other tribes but from my heart I am not but what I am is heartbroken and saddened by the thought that not many people know that we ever existed. there were no streets on the land we once roamed and lived on with our name on any of them. the one chance we had was when they change the name on a school that was named after the first governor of California because of the way he tried to wipe us out as a race of people but they end up naming it after Martha Luther King imagine that this was our land this is where all of our people are buried in yet no one seems to know or care even people like Father Sierra have buildings and streets named after him even after he tortured, murdered, and kidnapped women and children all in the name of the Catholic Church. He has statues throughout the coast of California and we as the race of people that he helped destroy gets less acknowledgment that he does.


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