Murder to sainthood father Sierra

Father Sierra Was elevated to sainthood by the Pope of the Catholic Church in 2015.I like mini i cannot understand the logic in elevating father Sierra to sainthood. When is known that he committed atrocities on the Native Americans of California.We know about how easy it is for the Catholic Church too sweet things under the rug. for many years they did the same thing when it came out that priest or molesting children.. As a people we cannot let this go on any longer. we must bring out this Injustice into the light of day so that all people can see and feel hopefully what sorrow and pain we have been feeling throughout the ages. this one man almost wiped a whole race of people out of history. knowing the sadistic Things that he did in order To baptizes in the name of the Catholic Church. some say that I should not poke the Sleeping Bear but I’m sorry I just don’t give a damn anymore our story must be told and the church must be held accountable for what was done in their name.This is just one of father Sierra ways of dealing with us as as a people,. when the women who were raped and try to avoid their babies they would be beaten and tortured for days their heads would be shaven and they would have to stand in front of the altar every Sunday with the wooden Painted baby held in their arms. it is sometimes hard to imagine the pain that my ancestors went through . just knowing that in the thousands of deaths 25000 of those there children, and all he did was add those to his tally and claim that they have been baptized and their souls were saved. Governor Jerry Brown say all kinds of good things about him and that he was a great person and that you would never be remove from Washington. in the news they talk about removing statue of confederate soldier military figures and the flag just Because d they don’t feel comfortable with them in there site. how do you think we feel then we have to look at the missions that are up and down the coast of California and knowing the they help destroy our way of life,are identity and thousands had to die in order for those things to be built. so we are just too go on and not given any thought to it. I am sorry but I for one cannot let this happen I just cannot do this in all good conscience. This man should have never Ben risen to sainthood and the Pope in his ultimate wisdom Decided to go against everybody else and elevating Hymn to sainthood. maybe the Pope can tell me just how many people in his eyes does it take a priest to have to kidnap torture, rape, and murder to receive sainthood by the Catholic Church.My ancestors had no Concept of what it took be baptized by the Catholic Church. they lost their way of life they had to kneel for 2 hours a day on a hard Stone floors they had to wear the clothes the priest said to, not eat there onw food. they couldn’t speak they own language or couldn’t practice their beliefs. this is why the missions were considered death camps because once they came in they could never leave at least not in body. there is a eye witness accounts and they were Wroten in journals here’s one. the sounds and smells it reminded him of a slave camp people walking around like zombies nobody looking you in the eye and looking like they were half starved to death and this is what you call Christianity just think in about a hundred and fifty years Hitler would be doing the same thing in his death camps to the Jewish people and you call this religion.he use my people or slave labor to turn them on their own to rule over to control to steal what was there too remove the humanity and to murder them and you know the funny thing is the death camps that the Nazis used have been turned into shrines why is the church not doing the same thing to the missions where all of our ancestors died in their death camps


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