What the Catholic priest thought about us as a race of people

Here’s what they wrote about us in their journals when they first met us. They seem to be one of the most unhappy people in all the New World. They are so savage, wild, dirty, ugly, small, intimate, that only because they have human form it is possible to believe that they are related to mankind. They called us monkeys and since we looked human we must belong to mankind. This is how the priest thought of us, just because we are different. That appears to have made it so much easier for them to commit the heinous crimes against a race of people who they felt were inferior to them. They decided that we were not human, and so, we did not have the same rights as they did and as long as they saved our miserable souls it was okay to do whatever it took to accomplish that. We are not the first, nor will be the last, that the Catholic Church has seen fit to force into their religion and to love one God. When I think about what my people went through for the privilege of getting baptized. I cry, to lose your freedom, your family, your way of life, your identity, your language. How could they think so little about our people, to inflict their beliefs in such a way that it almost wiped a whole race of people from this earth.  I know a lot of people look very favorablely upon the Catholic Church and that it is going to be hard for some people to believe the things they did  to my people.  How much we suffered then and are still suffering now as a result of their actions. The church says  to forgive and not to hate the ones who trespass against us. Well can somebody please and I mean please tell me how I can forgive the Catholic Church and the pope for what they have done to my people and the people of the forgotten tribes. It is so hard not to show the real hatred I feel with the Catholic Church whenever I write or talk about this regarding  what the church did to my people. Knowing that the Catholic Church is unwilling or just doesn’t give a damn about my people, in regards to trying to help  heal and correct this injustice. I personally would like for the pope to recognize what was done to us by his church, his religion; and to give us the San Juan Bautista mission and the land where it sits; which was our land before they came and stole it. So that we forgotten tribes could have a place that we can call our own. To become the caretakers of the land again to be able to hold our ceremonies and to teach the young ones about their ancestors and their way of life. Finally to give all of the forgotten ones who are buried in the mass grave beside the San Juan Bautista mission; the ceremony that they and their ancestors have been waiting for, for so so long. So they may rest in peace as they deserve. They have waited far too long,  it is time for the pope of the Catholic Church to make this right. We all know that the church is real good about sweeping things under the carpet.  What we as a people should not and cannot let happen anymore. The time is now to bring this injustice out into the light for the world to see exactly what the Catholic Church has done to my people. No more hiding in the dark, the church must be held accountable for all of the atrocities that were committed in the name of their religion. It seems like no one wants to poke the sleeping  bear, not much pressure was put on the pope when he came to elevate his priest for sainthood. Even though he was turned down once before in the 50s, because of the outcry of the Native American people of California. This new pope in his ultimate wisdom decided to go against the outcry of all the California Indians and a few others. He chose to elevate this Catholic Hitler to sainthood, even after what was done and what he did to the California Indian tribes.. Hitler was not elevated to sainthood by the Catholic Church so why in the hell is this father Sierra getting elevated to sainthood. Society as a whole must come together to help make the pope face the truth, admit the truth of these atrocities and to rectify this injustice of all of the forgotten tribes of California.


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