Open letter to the pope Francis

To begin with, I am one of the members of a race of people, that because of your religion we almost became extinct. It all started when you came to the new land, which is now called California. You looked upon my ancestors of the forgotten tribes of California and said, ” look at all those savages, dirty unkept, uncivilized people. I know what they need, it is religion.  The Catholic religion, and so your priests and the soldiers under the control of your priests, began the end of so many people that never had a chance to live out their lives. Then came Father Sierra, he was the best man suited for the job that needed to be done. That is the reason the church sent him,  he knew exactly what to do with the so call inferior race of people that he saw. Our only downfall was that we did not think and feel like the Europeans.  At that time, we were not power hungry,  we did not control the land or the people that surrounded us.  We were simple people, a gentle people who only wanted to live out our lives  practicing our believes. To live off the land and to sing songs about our families.  All you saw were people  you knew would be easy to control and if not, we  were expendable.  You kept really good records at the time, so I am sure that if you wanted, you could look them up and see just how many of the Native Americans that your  priests murdered in the name of your Catholic Church. Your church dictated so many things to help destroy my ancestors and their identities. First all of, the diseases that you brought with you and you knew, from past experiences that we had no immunity to these particular diseases. You also knew that your soldiers and priests( because there was no other women around)  they would have free reign, to rape as many as they could in order to; #1 spread the diseases, #2 to have more control over the women, #3 to make them happy so that they would do anything that the church asked. From kidnapping the 200 women and children from the village down in the valley( because you knew their Honor would not let them cross the borders of another tribe) then  when they sat down and cried, you gave orders to your soldiers  to hack them to death with they long swords and spread their body parts throughout the valley. Blatantly  you have the audacity to say your church and your religion are not responsible. Your Father Sierra dictated who the women would marry, how the ones who disobeyed you or your religion would be tortured,  beaten, branded and we both know your church had lots of experience in this arena;  how to torture and inflict the most pain. You have not answered any of our letters,  from any of the forgotten tribes of California.  Your token apology you gave to the indigenous people, in another country, was somehow supposed to say you were sorry to us.  If so, you are wrong,  you in no way have made any attempt to rectify this injustice that your church has committed against the forgotten tribes of California. I will be starting a petition to get as many signatures from as many people from all walks of life including the Catholic ones to be sent with this letter, and however many letters it takes for you ( not wanting your bishops, not your secretary) but YOU as the head of your church open a dialogue with the heads of the tribes forgotten tribes of California. I cannot understand how you can justify what your Father Sierra did when it came to my ancestors. For example,  how 25,000 babies died that we know of, and that was just in the missions. How is it possible that you,  as a so-called man of God, condone this.  Or when your priests allowed the Spanish soldiers to rape the women (they knew and they condoned this, because the priests held the keys to where the women were locked up) and when the women trid to avoid having the babies of these rapes you had them shackle, chained and beaten; their heads shaved and then forced to stand in front of the altar every Sunday morning with the painted baby in their arms. To me this makes you a monster and your religion a fallacy. I don’t know how to describe it, I don’t know what to call it, an yet you have the audacity to elevate this man to sainthood all in order to please the Spanish part of your congregation. This is just wrong!!  I cannot understand how you look in the mirror, since you became Pope,and not get sick. Is it so hard for you, as the head of your church to look at the records, read them for yourself and not come to the conclusion that your church, your religion are the force behind the destruction, the decimation of a race of people. For the sole purpose to have a hold on this new country you thought you discovered. I’ve heard it said how your priests taught us all these new wondrous things. Well believe it or not we did not need them we lived quite well with our simple way of life our religion, our beliefs.  We had a creator it just happened, not to be yours. We did not need the plowed fields,  to learn a trade,  only helped you and your church.  And so when we revolted and said,”no more” what did you do? Your church sent to soldiers out and brought us back they tortured and beat us, they branded us as runaways – all in the name of your religion, your Catholic church. It was not ours and yet you still will not admit to your wrong doings and to do something about it.  You are the head of the church,  it should be you that comes here and tell us how sorry you are that the church committed such a heinous crimes, such disrespect to my people and the people of the forgotten tribes.  You know, as well as I do, if you wanted to you could just say something to the government and our petition for recognition would be granted.  Why haven’t you done this, why won’t you do this? I don’t know I don’t understand  the reasoning. Also you could  give us San Juan Bautista Mission, so that we would have a central place for people to come and learn about the forgotten tribes of California.  A place for us to hold our ceremonies,  practice our religion , not yours. You could do this and more,  believe me when I say  that this is the least you could do and it would be the right thing to do.  But I will not hold my breath, because I somehow feel that the church will never admit they’re wrong.  Because as far as they are concerned they thought and still think that we are inferior to them and therefore do not have the same rights or privileges as other Europeans. This is only the first of many letters and petitions that I’m going to write. I will write them, I will  say exactly what I am thinking and feeling until the pope and ONLY  the POPE answers to these letters and petitions and opens a dialogue with the tribal leaders of the forgotten tribes of California.


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