Second letter to Pope Francis 

Let me start by saying I am one members of the forgotten tribes of California. This is the continuation of a open letter to the Pope Francis  and the destruction of my ancestors and the forgot tribes of California by Father Sierra and the Catholic Church. I was just reading about the funeral of father Sierra had and I thought to myself the Catholic Church and its ultimate wisdom buried this mass murderer of my people in the many thousands and thousands of my ancestors are buried in Mass Graves the on the mission grounds and there is no mention of them except for maybe a little plaque or a little ancestors didn’t even get one of your Catholic burials all you did for us was to throw us into a hole and bury us, but then again it is your church. His body was laid in state so that all could come and pay their respects and to honor long did it take for the priest to San Juan Bautista to put a fence or barrier around the places where my people were can your religion have so much disrespect for the people of my’s not the lifes that your religion took good enough.  And then your church decided to honor him even more by naming places and streets after him. and yet there’s nothing not one place within your missions compounds that say anything about us.making statues of him and putting them throughout the missions and there’s even one in Washington DC why is this one man so important to you and the Catholic Church. that you would spit on my ancestors by raising him to sainthood. You do realize that pathetic apology that you made to the Native Americans when you were in Brazil means nothing if you really felt that way why wouldn’t you come to America to our land and make that same apology to us in person. somebody, who is supposedly as great as you, you would think that you would be able to humble yourself and your church and make that apology. Father Sierra does not, repeat does not deserve the elevation to sainthood.He may have not kill, tortured or beaten any indian.But He order the Spanish soldiers to hang, beat, torture and brand them with a burning cross on the forehead..your religion has destroyed many of the indigenous people in this world, and I think it’s about time you and your church or held accountable for the heinous things that you have done in the name of your religion. there were over 10,000 signatures on a petition to stop this mass murderer from becoming a saint but you ignored it and all of the protest and all of the rules for elevating a priest to sainthood just so that you could get a few other Spanish people into your church it seems like just like them when all that mattered was the at the end of the day was the tally of souls that you saved and went to heaven and if they died in the process oh are still doing the same thing today. just what is it going to take for you to recognize that there is a problem that needs to be addressed by you and only you just like the priest who molested children for so long they hid behind your cross. the same thing is happening now when you deny what father Sierra did in the name of the church.when you keep denying that we don’t matter. and  all the lives of my ancestors that your Religion murdered are insignificant in your eyes. I hope this is not the case but if it is ,then know this. we as a people will continue to cry out until you listen to our cries of anguish and you the Pope to recognize and acknowledge the people of the Forgotten tribes of California.they say that one man can make the difference well if that’s true then I hope you are that man and you do make a difference and help my people and the forgotten tribes to finally get to recognize from the state of California and finally come home to  are land of our ancestors. Your religion may have felt that we were a inferior race of people and did not deserve the same rights as you and your kind. It’s just that we as a race of people that was

peaceful and spiritual and where not power-hungry, greedy selfish, self-centered and egotistical. There may not be many of us left but I can tell you this the ones that  are left are not inferior, they’re not savage, they’re not lost there just forgotten and no matter what the outcome of this we as a people will live on no matter how hard your church denies that we ever existed so says the forgotten and proud people of California Indian Tribestribes.


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