Third letter to Pope Francis

These letters are being published on my Facebook page and today I got comment which said in essence, that you, the pope are trying to right the wrongs that your predecessors have done and I kinda laughed. So I told this woman about all the letters from my tribe and the other tribes here in California and the 10,000 signatures we got on the petition to stop Father Serra from being elevated to sainthood. All this was done in a very diplomatic way, but it didn’t work. So I told her that I would be doing the same in a somewhat different way.  #1 .. I’m going to tell it like it is.  I am going to say what I feel and if it offends  you I really don’t give a damn. We sent you[the Pope] as the head of your church, all that we could and still the church does not give a damn, about my people or the forgotten tribes of California. I see no reason to be diplomatic with you and to tone down what needs to be said. I just found your tweet site and so I’m going to go ahead and tweet you and maybe you can read some of the things that I’m saying about you and your religion. Right now I’m looking at your tweets and it seems like you are contradicting yourself.  Honestly, are you sure you are  writing these yourself… Like this one; this is your newest tweet:”the word of God helps us to open our eyes, to welcome and love life, especially when it is weak and vulnerable. If that is true, then why did your religion destroy my people?  We were vulnerable and you took full advantage of that. If we as a people thought like you did, let’s just say things would’ve been much different when you landed on coast of California. But that is not what happened. Can you please tell me why so many of my ancestors had to die at the hands of your priests. I am certain, you probably won’t give these letters any  acknowledgement because they are just from one man and I alone am not enough to bring your great church and religion to its knees. But I will continue fighting and doing my best no matter what, in order for the world to understand that my people and my ancestors and all of the forgotten tribes of California do have a place in the history of man. And that one day your church and your religion will have to face the judgment of man and your god.


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