CALLING ON ALL CALIFORNIA NATIVE AMERICANS…of the Forgotten Tribes and non recognized tribes of California……To all those who feel “ their voices” have not been heard. Some of us have started coming together, and we are starting a movement. A movement that calls for the recognition of each of our individual tribes. A call to honor the treaties given by the state of California and the federal government. Treaties that they have stated they have lost and will no longer honor [I say..conveniently lost]. If we as a nation can come together and act as one, we have a chance to succeed and beat them at their own game. But only if we come together, we MUST come together, as one entity with a common goal. For we know they [governments] have spread us out to the four corners of the world; and for some of our tribes there are only a few of us left. They have stolen our identities, our land, our” inalienable rights”. They have beaten us down. they have lied to us, they say that we are extinct. They say we are no longer Native Americans[how can that be?] that what we want no longer matters. We are told that there are not enough of us that are educated enough, to do anything about what they’ve done to us. Well I am here to say we are STILL here and WE are STILL INDIANS. I am here to say that it’s time we come together and show them what they say is not the case, what they say IS NOT TRUE. We can use their own laws of the land, their own constitution against them and win. I will not say that it will be an easy battle or that it won’t be a very long and drawn-out battle. But I know for many of us, what do we have to lose, and that “ we” have been patient long enough. IT IS time for them to get off their asses, to listen to us, to recognize us and to acknowledge the wrongs and “do right” by us. Many of us have heard all the excuses possible in the last 20 or 30 years. IT STOPS NOW!!! NOW IT IS TIME for them [the government, and the BIA] to cut the red tape, to honor the treaties that they made with us. [It took 40 years, but the Japanese got their reparations ,and the Jewish people got theirs from the German government] but we as a people have received “NOTHING” from our government. This same government that paid out millions in the past, to exterminate us. There are hundreds and hundreds of atrocities that were committed upon our people. Verified and recorded in the annals of history by their own newspapers of the past. To be brutally honest, California was built on the wholesale extermination of our people, encouraged and condoned by the government officials of the State of California and the federal government of United States. Their lies have gone on long enough, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. NOW is the time we put the state of California “ON NOTICE” that they be put ”ON TRIAL” for the atrocities committed against the California Native Americans. The stories that we will bring to the “trial of the atrocities” committed against each one of our tribes> [Are these not WAR CRIMES ?], as they declared WAR upon the Indian Nations and don’t they have a tribunal to punish those guilty of war crimes] The guilt the American people will feel is not unfounded, but it should not be solely for what was done to our people, but also for the LIES that they were told , LIES upon lies upon lies, by their churches, and their governments [both state and federal]. So if it takes telling each and every one of our stories, of the atrocities your government committed willingly against our Tribes then so be it, that is what we will do. And we will continue telling our stories of the “Verifiable Truth” of those atrocities and lies until we are heard…So if you feel that this is something you are willing to become involved in, then please do… We need all the help we can get, for our people will not fade into the night we will be remembered .We are a proud but a forgotten people, WE ARE the FORGOTTEN TRIBES OF CALIFORNIA ! PLEASE…Join your voices with ours so that we all may be heard.


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