Murder to sainthood father Sierra

Father Sierra Was elevated to sainthood by the Pope of the Catholic Church in 2015.I like mini i cannot understand the logic in elevating father Sierra to sainthood. When is known that he committed atrocities on the Native Americans of California.We know about how easy it is for the Catholic Church too sweet things under the rug. for many years they did the same thing when it came out that priest or molesting children.. As a people we cannot let this go on any longer. we must bring out this Injustice into the light of day so that all people can see and feel hopefully what sorrow and pain we have been feeling throughout the ages. this one man almost wiped a whole race of people out of history. knowing the sadistic Things that he did in order To baptizes in the name of the Catholic Church. some say that I should not poke the Sleeping Bear but I’m sorry I just don’t give a damn anymore our story must be told and the church must be held accountable for what was done in their name.This is just one of father Sierra ways of dealing with us as as a people,. when the women who were raped and try to avoid their babies they would be beaten and tortured for days their heads would be shaven and they would have to stand in front of the altar every Sunday with the wooden Painted baby held in their arms. it is sometimes hard to imagine the pain that my ancestors went through . just knowing that in the thousands of deaths 25000 of those there children, and all he did was add those to his tally and claim that they have been baptized and their souls were saved. Governor Jerry Brown say all kinds of good things about him and that he was a great person and that you would never be remove from Washington. in the news they talk about removing statue of confederate soldier military figures and the flag just Because d they don’t feel comfortable with them in there site. how do you think we feel then we have to look at the missions that are up and down the coast of California and knowing the they help destroy our way of life,are identity and thousands had to die in order for those things to be built. so we are just too go on and not given any thought to it. I am sorry but I for one cannot let this happen I just cannot do this in all good conscience. This man should have never Ben risen to sainthood and the Pope in his ultimate wisdom Decided to go against everybody else and elevating Hymn to sainthood. maybe the Pope can tell me just how many people in his eyes does it take a priest to have to kidnap torture, rape, and murder to receive sainthood by the Catholic Church.My ancestors had no Concept of what it took be baptized by the Catholic Church. they lost their way of life they had to kneel for 2 hours a day on a hard Stone floors they had to wear the clothes the priest said to, not eat there onw food. they couldn’t speak they own language or couldn’t practice their beliefs. this is why the missions were considered death camps because once they came in they could never leave at least not in body. there is a eye witness accounts and they were Wroten in journals here’s one. the sounds and smells it reminded him of a slave camp people walking around like zombies nobody looking you in the eye and looking like they were half starved to death and this is what you call Christianity just think in about a hundred and fifty years Hitler would be doing the same thing in his death camps to the Jewish people and you call this religion.he use my people or slave labor to turn them on their own to rule over to control to steal what was there too remove the humanity and to murder them and you know the funny thing is the death camps that the Nazis used have been turned into shrines why is the church not doing the same thing to the missions where all of our ancestors died in their death camps

What the Catholic priest thought about us as a race of people

Here’s what they wrote about us in their journals when they first met us. They seem to be one of the most unhappy people in all the New World. They are so savage, wild, dirty, ugly, small, intimate, that only because they have human form it is possible to believe that they are related to mankind. They called us monkeys and since we looked human we must belong to mankind. This is how the priest thought of us, just because we are different. That appears to have made it so much easier for them to commit the heinous crimes against a race of people who they felt were inferior to them. They decided that we were not human, and so, we did not have the same rights as they did and as long as they saved our miserable souls it was okay to do whatever it took to accomplish that. We are not the first, nor will be the last, that the Catholic Church has seen fit to force into their religion and to love one God. When I think about what my people went through for the privilege of getting baptized. I cry, to lose your freedom, your family, your way of life, your identity, your language. How could they think so little about our people, to inflict their beliefs in such a way that it almost wiped a whole race of people from this earth.  I know a lot of people look very favorablely upon the Catholic Church and that it is going to be hard for some people to believe the things they did  to my people.  How much we suffered then and are still suffering now as a result of their actions. The church says  to forgive and not to hate the ones who trespass against us. Well can somebody please and I mean please tell me how I can forgive the Catholic Church and the pope for what they have done to my people and the people of the forgotten tribes. It is so hard not to show the real hatred I feel with the Catholic Church whenever I write or talk about this regarding  what the church did to my people. Knowing that the Catholic Church is unwilling or just doesn’t give a damn about my people, in regards to trying to help  heal and correct this injustice. I personally would like for the pope to recognize what was done to us by his church, his religion; and to give us the San Juan Bautista mission and the land where it sits; which was our land before they came and stole it. So that we forgotten tribes could have a place that we can call our own. To become the caretakers of the land again to be able to hold our ceremonies and to teach the young ones about their ancestors and their way of life. Finally to give all of the forgotten ones who are buried in the mass grave beside the San Juan Bautista mission; the ceremony that they and their ancestors have been waiting for, for so so long. So they may rest in peace as they deserve. They have waited far too long,  it is time for the pope of the Catholic Church to make this right. We all know that the church is real good about sweeping things under the carpet.  What we as a people should not and cannot let happen anymore. The time is now to bring this injustice out into the light for the world to see exactly what the Catholic Church has done to my people. No more hiding in the dark, the church must be held accountable for all of the atrocities that were committed in the name of their religion. It seems like no one wants to poke the sleeping  bear, not much pressure was put on the pope when he came to elevate his priest for sainthood. Even though he was turned down once before in the 50s, because of the outcry of the Native American people of California. This new pope in his ultimate wisdom decided to go against the outcry of all the California Indians and a few others. He chose to elevate this Catholic Hitler to sainthood, even after what was done and what he did to the California Indian tribes.. Hitler was not elevated to sainthood by the Catholic Church so why in the hell is this father Sierra getting elevated to sainthood. Society as a whole must come together to help make the pope face the truth, admit the truth of these atrocities and to rectify this injustice of all of the forgotten tribes of California.

Our story is just beginning to come into the light

Just in the last 10 years or so there has been a couple of new books that are bringing to light what the Catholic Church has done to our people. Even though the book tells the real truth about what the Catholic Church did to us; it like my words, that will be read only by just a few and in time will just fade away. There is no excuse, in my book or in any other, that the Catholic Church or the pope can give me or my people, or the rest of the forgotten tribes. They cannot justify what they did to us as a race of people. Because of them, we still suffer today. We are scattered to the four winds we have to pay to walk on our own land. Most of our land we can’t even go and visit because of the “no trespassing” signs. But, I think, what hurts the most is that we have no place, in which, we can be the caretakers. Thus which is ingrained in our DNA, our souls, and ultimately is what the Catholic Church has taken from us. When the pope came here, for just a moment, we thought you [all native american tribes] would listen to us and not elevate this priest to sainthood. But as always, our words meant nothing and fell upon deaf ears including this priest. Father Sierra was a monster, a sadist, his whole life, he loved to beat and torture my ancestors and the ancestors of the other forgotten tribes. And still the pope had the audacity to elevate him to sainthood. I know that they invested a lot into that priest, but at the same time, how calmly they could ignore what one man did to an entire race of people. I sometimes wonder if he did all that he did, with the church’s blessing; and this attitude and actions were just something that was a common practice in dealing with natives that they came in contact with. To know that women and children, after they were kidnapped, were forced to march through the mountains to the mission, with their thumbs tied together in a long line and beaten everytime they stopped. Imagine what was going through their minds, not knowing, if they were ever going to see their husbands or their homes again. The terror that they must have felt. I feel some of that every time I read what was done to them once they got to the mission. These women and children were put into a room, stacked I should say, into a place where no one could lay down, no food, no water. They had to go to bathroom in the same space. Remember, we were very sanitary, unlike the Europeans and I guess one of the worst things was not knowing which one was next to be raped by either a Spanish soldier or a priest and praying that it wasn’t one of their children. I know what it’s like to be locked in a cold dark room with no bathroom, no clothes. Being in a cold dark room,with ice cubes and cold water thrown on the floor, no place to sit; this happened to me when I was just 11 years old in juvenile hall, as a punishment by one of the guards. At juvenile Hall I was in that room for 24 hours and to keep my young mind from going crazy I looked at designs in the concrete, I made little people out of matchsticks and food, so yes,I know what itwas like for them. I could feel what they felt and maybe that is why I am so passionate about these words that I write. I do not know how the Catholic Church can call these missions, “houses of God” when so many heinous and terrible crimes were committed on this land and in the making of these missions. Also, all of the mass suicides because of the lack of will to live by my ancestors under the control of the priests at the missions.

Why we fight

Some of the tribes fight for water or fishing rights but for us the forgotten tribes we fight for are land are way of life are spiritual well-being but most of all we fight for mankind to recognize…

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Why we fight

Some of the tribes fight for water or fishing rights but for us the forgotten tribes we fight for are land are way of life are spiritual well-being but most of all we fight for mankind to recognize that we as a Race of people were here and are still here because without that knowledge  we are not complete and for us this is worse than death. All of the other tribes  have the movies, Faces on a nickel, even when we have a gathering or a powwow most of the attention is on the other tribes with all of the Regalia and bright colored Regalia that they use. it seems like we just get lost as for our Regalia ours is traditional we were not influenced by the Europeans as most of the other tribes., We don’t have war drums we have bird flutes, clappers, and rattles. And all of are songs that we sing or for our familys and friends and the people that we care most about. It may seem like I am jealous or envious of the other tribes but from my heart I am not but what I am is heartbroken and saddened by the thought that not many people know that we ever existed. there were no streets on the land we once roamed and lived on with our name on any of them. the one chance we had was when they change the name on a school that was named after the first governor of California because of the way he tried to wipe us out as a race of people but they end up naming it after Martha Luther King imagine that this was our land this is where all of our people are buried in yet no one seems to know or care even people like Father Sierra have buildings and streets named after him even after he tortured, murdered, and kidnapped women and children all in the name of the Catholic Church. He has statues throughout the coast of California and we as the race of people that he helped destroy gets less acknowledgment that he does.

No one knows of the crimes the Catholic Church committed on the 4000 Native Americans that are buried in a mass grave at one of their missions on the California coast


We are not getting the attention that are causing needs because no one knows about the coastal California Indians we don’t ride bareback on horses we don’t have long plumes of feathers blowing in the wind our faces are not on the buffalo head nickel we don’t have that long Roman nose but most of all is just because so many did their best to erases from the mines and hearts of men.There are no streets named after us, No buildings and very little mention in the history books.When people ask what kind Indian I am I ,tell them my tribal name Mutsun and their face gets this dumb lost look on it and I say we are a California tribe and from around San Juan Batista A so call mission Indian and then they going to say they are Cherokee or some other Indian that everybody knows and unfortunately…

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The Forgotten but a proud people


My name is Daniel and I am a Mutsun from the California Indian tribes and I have a story to tell you A story that the Catholic church does not want told; As it contradicts the lies that they have been telling from 1500s to now and no they were not the last they were just the first of many who for some reason decided they wanted to wipe us from the world of man. So much of our history has been lost, what little is there is in their words and not our own. They say that time heals all wounds well that’s a lie.The Catholic Church has done little or nothing to help heal the wounds that they inflicted upon us and all of the other tribes of California. We were and are the caretakers of the land and so when we first met we did not see the darkness and the greed within their hearts.To them…

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Looking for recognition from the Catholic church and to give back our stolen land.


We as a people have always been a part of our land even today we take scraps of what society will give us or let us visit a piece of land that once was ours but for all the signs that say keep out or no trespassing and that one time this was our land. This is the land that we protected before you got here and after you are gone. we will be caretakers of this land. it would be nice if all of the California Indian tribes band together and helped the forgotten tribes find that recognition that they dearly need. they stand with standing Rock but not tbere own people here in California. this I don’t understand I am not jealous of the traditional Indian’s that everyone seems to know what I am is hurt and disappointed of all of the other California Indians who are so…

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Most Indians say it was the white man that did it to him but for us it was the Catholic Church


To be thought of as a commodity and not a race of people confounds me to know end by the Catholic Church the more I read about what life was about back then for my people my heart aches. Father Sierra was so much like Hitler in what he did to the Jewish community that I am amazed by how he treated and interacted with my people during his lifetime. They say in the end he did try to help us but by then it was too late the damage was done. Most people only know Indians that they know in the movies riding bareback on a horse with feathers streaming in the wind or the chiseled face you see on the back of a nickel by the way there’s a California Indian casino here in California that uses that same picture as their logo. I can not understand why…

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